Product Review: EmpireCovers Auto Cover

Today we are reviewing our very first product thanks to EmpireCovers and their EmpireCovers car cover.  As a car enthusiast and BMW lover, I wanted to find something that would protect my investment.  It needed to be soft enough to protect my paint and yet strong enough to handle the elements.  And my EmpireCover did the job admirably.  There are a lot of car covers on the market but it's absolutely crucial to have the best car cover to protect your BMW.  After reviewing and using the product for some time, I decided to work to offer a coupon code for an EmpireCovers car cover for my readers to save on their purchase.  I do get a percentage of your purchase if you decide to buy the car cover which goes towards the upkeep of this site.  But, know that I only advertise and work with companies on this site that I have used their products and would pay for on my own.

For those of you who have read the blog before, you've probably picked up on the fact that we have chickens by now. Because we live in an "interesting" neighborhood, and there are many predators natural to a city that also love the taste of fried chicken, they can't stay outside all day.  When we built them a coop and a chicken run so they can get their daily excercise, we put it in the garage for ultimate protection.  Sadly for my cars, that means they have to be parked on-street.

You may also know by now that I obsessively clean the cars.  They get detailed weekly.  I keep a handheld vacuum in my car and there is always an emergency cleaning kit to ensure that they stay in that condition.  It's why the Carmax representative was so surprised to see my 7-year-old, 130K mile BMW in such fantastic shape last time we went by.  Sadly, in front of our house is a giant tree that likes to drop leaves all over the cars.  Add in some rain and you've got little brown leaf outlines all over my nice clean cars.  To make matters worse, the MINI has a white roof.

You can only imagine my rage on the days it rains right after I've cleaned the cars.

Obviously I was excited to have the opportunity to review a cover from EmpireCovers.  Now in the interest of full-disclosure, EmpireCovers is a sponsor of the site (editors note: at the time of this review writing), but we had agreed to do this product review before they came on board as sponsors.   Also, we do not take compensation for product reviews and strive to provide an impartial review process. The opinions expressed by SGAC are soley their own.  For more information on product reviews go here.

OK.  Now that we have the boring stuff out of the way.

There are a variety of Empire car covers available.  Whatever you want in a car cover, they have it.  Of course, since this cover was for my favorite car (Shh, don't tell the MINI but I love the BMW more) I had to go for the Titan 4L Car Cover.  Now, despite the price tag, I was expecting some sort of vinyl nonsense that was ill-fitting.  You know, what I've seen from most car covers.

What this?

But right out of the box, it didn't appear that this would be the case. I was initially surprised by the level of quality and craftsmanship that went into manufacturing the Titan 4L Car Cover. The cloth was soft and durable while still maintaining shape and not being too flimsy or thin to actually protect the car. The cover is manufactured in four layers; three layers of Polypropylene and an inside layer of Fleece to prevent scratches. Despite being four layers, it appears to be well-ventilated, which will prevent rot and mildew.  The breathability of the fabric is also important to keep moisture from collecting between the fabric and your car.  This can ruin your paint job over time and is the biggest risk with getting a poorly made car cover.  A bad cover can accelerate your need to repaint your car.  Luckily the EmpireCover does a great job of preventing this moisture build-up.  Though it comes with a life-time warranty, I would be surprised if one would actually have to use it.

The cover also comes with a series of straps to prevent you from losing it in windy conditions and is snug enough that unwanted things stay out (looking at you, Klaus). The straps go underneath the car, which requires getting down on your hands and knees and tossing the straps underneath, but I tend to think this is a plus rather than a drawback; It's an extra level of security if you live in a neighborhood like ours where the kids tend to take whatever isn't bolted down, if only just for the lulz. If your neighborhood kids are worse than ours (God help you, if that's the case), EmpireCovers even offers a cable and lock kit.

I've broken down the good and the bad (what little there is) below for a quick reference.

  • Soft cloth fibers so as not to scratch the paint
  • Very durable feel
  • Forms well to the car
  • Storage bag is attached to car cover so you'll never lose it
  • Lifetime Warranty 
  • Well labled so you put it on correctly (Not that I followed those directions the first time...)
  • Comes with additional straps for a windy day
  • Rained on the first night of having it, car was spotless

  • Can be a pain to pack up. It's kind of like a sleeping bag. Or a baby. It's never going back the same way it came out.
  • Wish it was a different color (maybe silver)
Overall, I'm immensly satisfied with the cover.  I've been using it for the past couple of days and so far so good.  It slides on and off easily and the fabric feels like you can manhandle it and throw it around but yet it is astonishingly soft. It can be a struggle to pack it up but then again, I can't even fold my bed sheets properly, so who am I to judge?

In a month's time I will do a follow-up review of long-term usage of the cover.  Hopefully between now and then we'll get a good range of weather and temperature to truly put this cover through the paces.

Assuming it is as great as my initial impressions, I think I'll be getting one for the MINI too.

If you want to give EmpireCovers Car Cover a try, be sure to click on the link below and save 30% off your order.  I believe they make a great product and you'll be supporting my caffeine addiction too.  I'm sure my brain will love you!  Thank you for your support.

EmpireCovers 15% Off Car Covers


  1. I really like my Empire cover! It fits my vehicle, protects it from 'the elements'and is very attractive. I want to keep my vehicle looking as new as the day I purchased it. I give Empire Covers the best rating possible; the quality is excellent.

  2. Ordered a cover (titan 4 l cover) from empire,2 week later still no cover.Called empire,was told that cover is back ordered but will receive an up grade,5 day later i got a cover that i feel is lower quality.(2 layer tyvek with micro fiber liner)What happened to the fleece liner? unhappy corvette owner in TENNESSEE !!!!!

  3. I'm on my second return for my Titan cover. Budge c/s is great, but the cover wasn't.

  4. Darrin and Anonymous, I'll be sure to pass your feedback on to Empire Covers. I'm sorry to hear you guys are disatisfied. I'm certain they would be happy to help resolve your issues.

    1. the second cover was exactly what i wanted.Talked to c/s i think her name is Ashley,handled all my problems and fixed them. Ashley rules. sincerely, Darrin p.s.thanks for the 25% off coupon.

    2. That's great to hear! I'm glad they took care of you!

    3. Purchased the Titan 4L cover for my 02 Olds Aurora. The cover fits perfectly and is easy to put on and remove. I don't try to fit it back into the bag, either fold it up and put it in the trunk or leave it in the garage. The cover is excellent quality and I love that it is made in the USA! I would highly recommend this cover.

  5. I purchased this same cover back in december 11 had it on my car for a few months through the winter and when I removed the cover the car was scratched on the fenders and roof. I had cleaned the car before covering. Since it was after 30 days since I had purchased the cover empire covers said there was nothing they could do, that there computers wouldn't allow them to refund the cover.
    I would never purchase a cover from empire again. Not because the cover was defective but that they were completely unable to help me because there computer wouldn't allow it. They could have done more like issue a check, but since they had no credit info after 30 days they says there hands are tied. If there computers run the company I'll go some where else to purchase products.

  6. I'll be sure to pass along your experience to my point of contact at Empire Covers and hopefully she'll be able to help you with your issue.

  7. Extremely dissatisfied. Two critical fasteners ripped from the cover because of the sloppy fit - the wind got underneath the cover and eventually ripped it right off the car. I emailed Empire and they shot back an 800 number for the manufacturer. Looks like I'm on my own. Lousy product, lousy customer service...

  8. Bought a The MAX car cover ($155) from Empire covers less than 3 years ago. This cover supposedly has a high sun protection. Live in sunny California. Started blistering mid last year and showing holes. Now it has completely fallen apart. They don’t want to give a refund, but want me to spend the time and money to ship it back so I can get another cover that lasts another 2 years. I don’t think so. Their attitude is lousy. They don’t care that a cover with a lifetime warranty lasted this short.
    My $50 Costco car cover lasted 6 years.
    Don’t buy from these guys.

  9. Lousy, Lousy attitude. I was just rying to make an exchange. I would hate to have seen what would have happened if had asked for a refund.

  10. It will guard your vehicle from dust and debris when it's parked inside as well. Not all car covers are made the same, however.

  11. Steve, I noticed you bought this car cover from Empire Car Covers over a year ago... how is it holding up? I bought mine from Carscover.com around the same time.. May 2011. 6-8 months afterwards the cover did not protect the car from water (car was still wet after removing cover). Now the cover is shedding these little white specks, which is annoying. Their customer service is great (they send free patches upon request), but the cover is not doing its job. I guess the CarsCover.com warranty just allows you to be eligible for a repair kit.

  12. Hi, everyone! I'm a representative for Empire, and I really appreciate all of your feedback. If you've received poor customer service from Empire, or you are dissatisfied with your product, please contact me directly at melissa{at}empirecovers.com. I would love to assist you.


    Melissa, EmpireCovers.com.

  13. Vijay

    My cover has lasted quite well since I've had it. Zero complaints on my end.

    And for those of you with issues, please do contact Melissa. She will definitely take care of you.

  14. I bought the titan cover about 18 months ago. Has done an excellent job. Survived SANDY with no ill effects.
    My only negative response is that they said was the correct size for my car (a 1962 Chrysler New Yorker) is about 2-3 feet longer than the car. The front and back have a tendency to hang to the ground, and collects rain puddles.

  15. Your vehicle's paint is only about 0.006 inches thick. Whether indoors or out, when dust sits on your paint it turns abrasive and causes minute scratches. By the time you notice them, it's already too late.

  16. That's a good point that I did not address, make sure your car is clean and dust free before using. A good micro fiber cloth can go a long way. Always be cautious and protect your paint. As an employee of a BMW center, the more paint work on your car it can devalue it. Many dealers use a paint gauge to check for any paint work performed.

  17. Very dissatisfied. Bought a patio set that disintegrated to dust in no time! Don't waste your money. The owner, Jake Goldblum, takes no responsibility. Garbage product. Horrible customer service.

  18. Garry, I'm sorry to hear about your experience with them. They regularly read the comments so I hope one of them reaches out to you soon. I will pass your feedback on.

  19. Garry,

    I'm sorry to hear you're still upset with our company. We sent you replacement covers with expedited shipping for products that were outside of their warranty (these were received on 4/13/13). You were upset with our wording when we responded to your BBB claim and we've since taken steps to remove the wording that stated that you threatened to bad mouth us online if we didn't replace the covers. It seems that you're still upset and we're not sure what we can do to make you a satisfied customer.

  20. Please tell me that youre heading to keep this up! Its so great and so important. I cant wait to read a lot more from you. I just feel like you know so substantially and know how to make people listen to what you might have to say. This blog is just too cool to become missed. Terrific stuff, genuinely. Please, PLEASE keep it up!

  21. Since it was a free wash, I wasn't excepting much to begin with, but you know, my car looked a lot better after the wash.

  22. Those peoples who have car but not have space or garage for their car standing they must need car cover. Sun shine and different weather can damage car paint. Car cover always help you to protect your car from dust standing at street or parking areas.

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  24. I bought the Desert Shield version for my F150 pickup, it supposed to protect it in hot sunny climates, but the cover only lasted 8 months in SoCal before it torn itself apart. It had a 4 year warranty, but it would cost $35 to return it on my own money. Decided it was not worth it and promptly tossed it in the garbage. Poor fitting like a "universal fit", no mirror pockets, and the Tyvek material is not durable for long term use. Not worth the $100, cheap, but really not worth it.

  25. I was very disappointed in the return policy of Empire Covers and the unwillingness of Customer Service to attempt to “make it right”. The correct vehicle info was entered into the website but the cover did not fit. I needed one quickly so I paid for the second one and asked for pre-paid return shipping label but was denied by three different CS reps. I do not appreciate having to pay for the extra cost incurred due to an error that was not my own. My only recourse is to not order from Empire again and share my experience with others.

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